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Family Tree


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Doris zum Turmacker:

Sire: VA Risco vom Suentelstein

Dam: V Obie zum Turmacker

Doris has an extremely sweet personality. Loves a good nap and snack. She loves going to the park and enjoys a good game of catch. Doris is also one that’s all bark and no bite.

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Liezchin Von Maxnifer

Sire: V Eldorado vom Turkenkopf

Dam: V Natalie vom Nevadaus

Liezchin is our model. She stands proudly in front of the camera and she has a very energetic aura about her. She is never tired and is always happy to play with you.

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Abolique vom der Odessa:

Sire: VA Jeremy von Weinster

Dam: SG Bacardi vom Odessa

Abolique is a lovable dog who loves goes for a swim. She is a very carefree creature who never gets tired and always seems to have a smile on her face.

Our rising star Nina

Nina: She is starting to develop a behavior that’s part of our family.

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